The School will make known to Parents and guardians all necessary information on the school fees applicable to their child (or children). Where any items on the bill are unclear, parents and guardians are expected to seek clarity from the school and then make the appropriate payment.


  1. Fees for a particular term are due and payable any time between the end of the previous term and the 14th day after resumption of a new term. 

  2. Payments made from the 15th day of resumption will be considered as late payments, this will be considered a special case.  As such, notice should be given to the school management 2 (two) weeks before the date of resumption and a substantial part of the fees not less than 60% must be paid to show commitment to defray the outstanding before the set date of resumption.

  3. Any student/students enrolling after the beginning of the term will be required to make payment for the full term and must be paid before the child/children are accepted into the school.

d. Attendance for one day of the term requires full payment for that term. Children who start after the beginning of any term and/or children who leave before the end of any term will pay the full term’s total fees.



All School Fees payments must be made to designate School Accounts via Deposits and Transfers. Parents should make available payment proofs to the school.

NOTE: No payments should be made to any individual other than the school accounts. Any Parent/Guardian, who does so, does so at their own risk as the school will not accept any such assertions/and will not be held liable for any such payments.