New Hope International School


Visiting Day

The school operates a Visiting Day every third Saturday of the month between 12 Noon and 5pm. The school expects that parents and guardians will seize the opportunity of the visiting day to offer emotional and parental support to their children/wards, affirm them, as well as cross-check their academic work. Parents should be moderate in the food and drinks they bring for their children/wards in line with our policy of maintaining a level playing field.

Parents/guardians will not be allowed to visit their children/wards on days other than the visiting days, except on very exceptional cases. Even in such exceptional cases, the Principal must have been notified and seen on arrival.


Parents-Teachers’ Conference

Parents and guardians have the opportunity to communicate with their children/wards’ teachers on their performances. This comes up on the first day of the Mid-term break.


Public Holidays

The school closes, only on the following public holidays that fall right in the middle of the school calendar:

May Day

Children’s Day

Independence Day

Students are however, not allowed to go home during these holidays.


Basic Personal Allowance

The school discourages handling of cash by students. Each student’s account is credited with his/her Basic Personal Allowance at the beginning of the term. With their cheque book, they can buy items from the school’s essential store and also during supervised shopping outside the school. On no account should a student be found with cash.



At NHIS students are not allowed to be in possession of mobile phones or other electronic gadgets in school. However they can make supervised phone calls on special occasions like the birthday of a family member. Parents are permitted to speak to their children with the approval of a supervising authority and on very special occasions.



Students on special medication are required to deposit such with the school nurse for safe keeping and administration. Such medicines must be accompanied by a doctor’s report and specific instructions to the school nurse. NHIS takes exceptions to self medication.



No student will be allowed outside the school premises without an exit card properly signed by the appropriate authorities. Except in a rare case of serious illness or in a case of death of a close relation, students may not be issued exit cards to go home. Parents are enjoined not to make requests for their children to go home at the slightest excuse.